Licencing & Endorsement

Bus - Platinum Driver Training

NZTA approved course provider for Class 2 - 5 driver licences

This is a 2-day theory course which shortens the 6 month period from "Learners" to "Full" Licence. Courses cover log book training, basic vehicle dynamics, load security, safe driving practices. Classroom training is followed by "in-cab" training and assessment.  Date for practical drive will be confirmed by the assessor on the theory day.

A "Learner" licence for the specific class of licence MUST be obtained prior to the course.

Wheels, Tracks & Roller (RTW) Endorsements (1/2 Day Course)

Allow operators to drive Wheels (W), Tracked (T) or Rollers (R) Machines on a "Public Road".

Forklift (F) Endorsement and Operator Certification 

2 Day Beginners Fork Lift Course for those who have no experience.

I day Fork Lift course is available for more experienced operators.

F Endorsement allows an operator to drive a forklift on a "Public Road". 

Dangerous (D) Goods Endorsements (1 Day Course)

Both "new" and "renewal" courses are offered. Endorsement has a 5 year expiry and must be current if dangerous goods are being transported.

Vehicle (V) Endorsements 

If you want to drive a vehicle in a vehicle recovery service, you must have a current V endorsement on your driver licence.

NZ Road Code Heavy Vehicle Drivers

Licencing and Endorsement

Licencing and Endorsement

Platinum Driver Training

Platinum Driver Training

Platinum Driver Training